Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Kayak Takes Shape

Over the last two weeks, students have spent time learning about the steps to building our kayak, and implementing that work. In English they have continued to read about the boat form and what to do next, and in art they have been constructing. We have been discussing and making lists of the boat building and kayak terms that we have learned and used so far. The guys drilled holes in the side panels and keel line of the hull, and stitched both the hull together, and also the side panels to the hull. (The hull is the bottom of the boat and the keel line runs down the middle.) The stitches that we keep referring to are made of copper wire that the boys cut and fasten through holes in the plywood. After alot of work, what used to look like a pile of wood and scraps has turned into the frame of a boat. Student comments have ranged from "whoa, it IS a kayak," to "I'm not getting in that thing, it's flimsy!" We are excited for more progress and possibly a trip to Chesapeake Light Craft in Annapolis, where the boat kits are made. The last, and possibly most important, step that we have done recently, is to measure the art classroom window to ensure that the kayak will be able to LEAVE the room when it is finished!

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