Monday, February 22, 2010

First Batch of Paint Designs!

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  1. The work really looks impressive and makes me envious. I wish I could watch the progress in person. You asked for feedback re colors: I'd go with the "KISS" rule--simplicity. For my money the colors and pattern should be simple, flowing, and "environmentally friendly". Does the "public" get to vote? Buy a roll of shelf paper and do a fractional or full-sized profile using the pattern and colors you THINK would be cool [before messing up beautiful wood and trying to undo or redo it.] How it looks inside in "dry dock" may be very different than how it looks in the water and nature. You can always add a little more later--taking it off is a pain and sometimes not possible. Go to some kayaking web sites and look at photos to see which wooden kayaks look the best "in the wild". KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!
    Lee Hadden [and, yes, I am! And proud to be!]