Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's a Sanding Party!

So the guys came in the art room to work on the boat and asked, "What are we doing today?" Telling them that they'd have to snip all of the copper wire stitches they'd meticulously installed, file them and then spend several hours sanding the boat hull until the rough angular hull had a nice rounded shape didn't seem like the most inspiring way to start the day so instead I said, "It's a sanding party!"

The word party in the title helped but when I backed this up with the little grill, some burgers, dogs and chips, the guys were excited to do some work. We turned on some classic rock and snipped , filed and sanded the hull into what's turning out to be a beautiful Chesapeake Tandem hull. The guys actually enjoyed the sanding and they're quite proud of their accomplishment.

The remnants of the copper stitches.

The guys started looking at the hull and said, "Hey, this will float!"

In the photo from left to right: Neil, Matt, Ben, David (great job with those tricky filings!), Danny and Lane. Great job guys!

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