Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Does it Float and Can We Take it Over Double Hydraulic?

The answer to both is, NO!, but those have been actual questions I have been asked. The kayak probably wouldn't float yet, although the students keep wondering. This week we discussed more of the parts of the kayak and how it differs from the whitewater boats that we are most familiar with at Yellow Breeches. So, no, it can't go through Double Hydraulic or any other rapid on the Yough. However, we have gotten far enough that the project definitely looks like a kayak and appears to have beautiful lines.

The boat has some epoxy seams completed and we have been busy laying down tape to complete the rest of the seams. Last week a group of students installed the bulkheads, which will separate the cockpit paddling area from the gear storage compartments. Once all of the seams have been epoxied (with a mixture of Epoxy Resin, hardener, and wood flour), we can take out the copper wire stitching that has held the boat together for so long. We are all looking forward to that so we won't be stabbed by the wires anymore and because it means we no longer have to worry about the boat twisting into a bad shape. It will have become stiff from the epoxy and fiberglass that we are working on.

In English, students tried to come up with names fitting for the first kayak that Frankford has made. There are still alot of wishes for flames painted on the side of the kayak! Hmmmmm......we will see.

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