Wednesday, February 17, 2010

And so it begins...

The guys have been reading a Ben Mikaelson novel titled, Red Midnight. In the book, a young Guatemalan refugee escapes his war torn country with his younger sister in a cayuco (a wooden handmade kayak). He faces treacherous seas, pirates, soldiers and near starvation before arriving at his destination in Florida.

So... when the opportunity came up for YBEC Frankford to build a 21' Chesapeake Lightcraft Chesapeake Double kayak kit, we jumped at the chance. The kit is what's called a stitch and glue wooden boat. The wooden panels are literally stitched together with wire before glass and epoxy are added to create a tough and light monocoque shell.

The students will be reading the manual in English class and performing most of the build in Art with Christi. The kit should require around a total of 90 hours to build. We'll build the boat over the next few months and take her out for her maiden voyage during our spring 4-day trip in May.

We'll post photos and updates of our progress on the blog but for now please take a moment to check out the Chesapeake Lightcraft website and the Chesapeake Double here:


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